holiday basketball games for kids

Get your players involved and incorporate the excitement of the season with these fun Holiday-Themed Basketball Games for Kids!

Holiday-Themed Basketball Games for Kids

Candy Cane Knockout

For this silly basketball game, the coach needs to hang candy canes, lollipops, or some other type of treat from the basketball net before practice. The players will notice these right away, but tell them they have to earn the candy before they can eat any.

Players earn the candy canes by knocking them off the net while playing a game of “knockout” (also known as “bump”).

Have the players line up at the free throw line and give the first two players basketballs. The first player shoots a basket and keeps shooting until he or she makes it. The second player immediately shoots after the first player.

When the first player makes the basket, he or she passes the ball to the third player in line and goes to the back. If the second player makes a basket before the first player, then the first player is knocked out of the game. Players get to keep the candy canes they knock off the net and eat them after practice.

Coaches should make sure players are aiming to actually make a basket, not just knock off the candy. If a candy cane is knocked off when a basket was not made, the coach should hang it back on the net.


Jingle Bell Grab

For this wacky basketball game, coaches will need flags, like the ones used in flag tag or touch football, for each player. Attach one jingle bell to the end of each flag before practice.

To play Jingle Bell Grab, players will need to attach their jingle bell flags by sticking the end without the bell into the waist band of their pants. Enough of the flag should be hanging out for the other players to be able to grab it and pull it out, but not so much that the flag will fall out on its own. Each player will also need a basketball.

At the whistle, players will dribble their balls around the court while trying to grab other players’ jingle bells. They have to remove the flag while maintaining control of their ball. Once a player loses his flag, he is out of that round of the game. The last player left with his jingle bell wins!

Start by having all the players stay inside the half court area. Once some players are eliminated, move the remaining players to the area inside the 3-point line. When there are only 3 or 4 players left, move the finalists to the painted area inside the key.

Coaches should watch to make sure players are using good dribbling technique during this drill. This game presents a good opportunity to develop skills in maneuvering around the court while being aware of other players and protecting the ball.


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