One of the first things you have to learn about in kids basketball is how to warm up properly, and your footwork. Your footwork is your foundation for everything. You want to be able to play basketball with quickness and balance. Your footwork really determines whether you can be quick and stay balanced.

The first thing we want to learn is what is called a “Quick Stance”. Some coaches also call this stance “Triple Threat”.  In today’s kids basketball video, we break down the elements of the Quick Stance and share some great ways to teach these elements to your players!

Kids Basketball: Breaking Down the Quick Stance

Start with feet together, and put your preferred foot forward, and then move it out to the side, making a backwards “L” shape.

The weight should be evenly distributed and on the whole foot, and you want to crouch down in a good, solid stance, legs bent and arms bent. With an imaginary ball held in your right hand (for right-handed players), bend the wrist back to create a little shelf for the ball.


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