To work on making passes under pressure

Drill Setup

  • Players form 4 lines; 1 on each elbow, and 1 on each block
  • Player at the left elbow will start with a ball, along with the player on the right block
  • Defender stands in between each set of lines, facing the ball

How it Works

  1. Defenders close out on ball with hands down
  2. Passer fakes pass high, defense reacts, passer makes bounce pass around the defender, then returns to the back of the same line
  3. Defender follows the pass back and forth Sub in new defenders every few minutes

Coaching Tips

  • Emphasize the importance of the `fake a pass, make a pass` mantra – players should remember to always fake one direction, then use the opening creating by the fake to make a pass through a cleaner passing lane
  • The defender will play dummy defense to start, but once players get the gist of the drill, go live, and have the defender actively try to intercept an deflect passes