In today’s video blog post, we are going to talk about an excellent drill that is also a fantastic progression from elbow lay-ups to shooting, and it’s called the Motion Shooting Drill.

Motion Shooting Drill for Individual Improvement

I personally like to shoot off the dribble around 80% of my shots during my workout. And the reason is because it’s a lot more difficult to shoot off the dribble than it is to shoot a catch and shoot. Plus, it helps you on your footwork and getting into your shot quicker. You have to know, when that ball’s coming, that you’re going to be ready to shoot the ball.

When you work out, you can do different things. When working on my shooting, I like to set goal. For example, I have to make five shots. It puts pressure on me and I have to make five out of eight. If I don’t make that, I have to do that same spot again. This is a very conditioning drill because you’re going to have to run to the hoop, get your ball, and then come back to the original shot spot.


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