Off the Backboard Rebound Break Drill

In this rebound break drill, we are concentrating on getting the ball off the backboard and filling the lanes. It is very important that, as you run out, if the ball is rebounded as you are filling the lanes, be sure to get out wide and run the sideline. As you are running the sideline, you want to run as hard as you can until you get to the opposite foul line area. At this point, shift down your speed a little bit, so that you can receive the ball and have a chance to read the defense.

This rebound break drill is excellent for working on:

  1. the 45 degree angle bank shot

  2. a drive to the basket to score

  3. return pass to the guard

Breaking Down the “Off the Backboard” Rebound Break Drill

I like to allow both guards and forwards to advance up the floor. The first two players who can fill the lanes are going to get out and run. In the event that they don’t get the ball out on the break, they are going to cross on the break and the player coming from left to right is going to go below the player right to left. These two players will cross, and the fourth player down the floor is going to trail the play and see which side of the floor the ball is going to. As the guard establishes one side of the floor, he is going to run right down the lane, looking for the basketball. And he is going to try to seal his man underneath the rim, and when the ball is thrown to one side or the other, he will go “ball side post”. The last player coming down the floor is the goalie. His job it to trail the play, making sure that no steal or quick shot results in a ball being shot over our heads, resulting in a basket.

You want to pay close attention to attacking match-ups. As you get the ball up the court quickly, there is going to be transition defense where players are guarding people other than the man they are assigned to. When it is a big guy guarding a small guy on the perimeter, we want to be aware of that and try to attack this player from the outside.

Alternately, when a small guy ends up guarding a big player in transition, you want to be able to get that guy in the post, and it can even be a second trailer. If the second trailer comes down and ends up guarding a small player, he is going to dive right into the post, while the other player comes outside so he can take advantage of that.

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