Drill Type:“  Defensive Drill


The purpose of this defensive drill is to teach the defense to box out. It also teaches players to transition quickly from defense to offense.

Set Up:

  • Three players set-up in a triangle under the basket.
  • Two other defensive players stand on each wing.
  • Three offensive players will try to get the rebound.
  • The three defenders must box out these players.



  1. Coach takes the shot. When the shot is taken, the defensive players must box out the offensive players.
  2. Once a defender grabs the rebound, that player must make an outlet pass to one of the players on the wing.
  3. The offensive players should contest the outlet pass. If the defense doesn’t grab the rebound or successfully make an outlet pass, then the ball goes back to the coach for another shot.
  4. Once the outlet pass is made, all five players (the three in the triangle under the basket and the two outlet players) break up court and run a play.
  5. Once the play is completed, the drill is run again.

Coaching Keys

  • The coach should make sure the defensive player find a man and successfully box that man out.
  • Players should go up strong for the rebound. Then a crisp outlet pass should be made.