Develops passing, cutting, catching and finishing skills

Drill Setup

  • Two lines of players at the foul line extended
  • First player in each line has a ball
  • One coach at each elbow

How it Works

  1. Player passes to coach, then cuts to the hoop
  2. She receives a pass back, then scores a layup
  3. She gets her own rebound, then passes to the next player in line
  4. She joins the line on the other side
  5. Continue, alternating from the right side to left side

Coaching Tips

  • The pass to the coach should be a chest pass.
  • The return pass should be a bounce pass
  • The player should make a quick misdirection cut to the middle before her cut to the basket
  • Make sure you work on a variety of different shots, including regular layups, power layups, power layups with a pump fake, short bank shots etc.