Some coaches think rebounding is the biggest factor in winning games.  It may sound easy, but learning how to really go get the ball, rip it out of the air, and come down with a strong base, can make a huge difference in the rebound tally at the end of the game!“  Many coaches will spend a minimum of 20 minutes per practice on rebounding. One great drill they use to improve their rebound game is the “2 Handed Rebound” basketball drill.

2 Handed Rebounding Basketball Drill

In this basketball drill, your goal is to throw the ball off the backboard, and then jump up and grab the ball with 2 hands.

Have your players stand in a line at about the three-point line, with the first person in line holding the ball. Run towards the basket, and throw the ball off the backboard.  You then want to time your jump so that you “Snatch” the ball quickly with 2 hands.  As elementary as it sounds, your team should do everything with two hands except for shooting.  After jumping up and quickly snatching the ball, be sure to land with your legs wide, to create a stable base.

Again, the“  main focus is ensuring that your players are grabbing the ball with two hands, but you should also double-check that they’re coming down with a nice, wide base–with the feet farther apart than shoulder-width.

Players can be in 2 lines and run this drill in pairs. You’ll want to run this drill for 2 minutes without stopping.

Combine this drill with our other rebounding drills, and you’ll be on your way to an unstoppable rebound game!


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