Today’s video blog post features two excellent rapid fire Post Breakdown Drills for your bigger players!“  These drills allow your players to work on important mechanics such as power moves, driving lay-ups, set ups and avoiding travels.

Rapid Fire Post Breakdown Drills

Post Breakdown Drill #1: The player is going to come in strong and make a left handed lay-up

  • The player is going to take the ball out of the rim and throw it to the coach
  • The coach will throw the ball back to the player, and the player is going to catch the pass with two hands and two feet, and make a power move and score with the left hand.


Post Breakdown Drill #2: The player will set up the shot with the left hand and score with the right hand

  • The player will throw the ball to the coach, and then sprint over to catch the ball when the coach passes it back
  • The player focuses on coming hard and getting above the block
  • The player then takes one hard dribble and scores coming across the lane
  • This drill can be performed with two players, which will help players to think more about awareness of what is happening around them.


Do as many of these drills as you can in 2-3 minutes, keeping up a rapid fire pace.


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