In this rebounding drill, we are continuing to concentrate on developing strength with our hands over our head. The player is going to go up and bang the ball off the board as hard as he can, come back down, explode back up, and make a lay-up.

“Pound Board & Put Back” Rebounding Drill for Hand and Arm Strength

You want to tell your players that when the ball comes off the rim, you’ve got to go up and get it; and you might have to go up two or three times before you get the rebound. And once you get the rebound, you’ve got to be strong enough to power it back up. This rebounding drill can help your players build the strength to do this.

Breaking Down the Rebounding Drill – Single Effort:

  • Take the ball out of the net and go to the other side of the board, explode up, bang it off the board as hard as you can, come back down, and then explode it back up.

  • When you’re on the right side, you need to use the right hand.

  • When you’re on the left side, you need to use the left hand.

  • Concentrate on putting the ball in the basket. Power it, get up and bang the ball.


Rebounding Drill – Double Effort:

After you are comfortable with the initial drill, you can work on the next phase of the drill, which involves banging the ball off the board twice.

  • Go up and bang the board, come down, go up, bang it, come down, and then you’re going to explode up for a lay-up.

  • Take the ball out of the net and go to the opposite side of the board.

  • The drill is going to get even tougher now so you’re going to have to lift your level of play up to the next level. Pick a spot on the board, go up and bang it as hard as you can.


Rebounding Drill – Triple Effort:

You can now take this rebounding drill one step further…

  • You’re going to bang the ball three times off the board with a vengeance before you power it back up.

  • Take the ball out of the net, pound it three times with a vengeance on the other side of the baord, come down, and go and power it back up.


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