In today’s video blog post, we are talking about an excellent conditioning drill for running the court on the secondary break.

Running The Court On The Secondary Break

More and more every day we are putting in secondary offenses, where we shoot the 2 guard and the 3 guard down to the 3-point line and we try to push the ball down for him for a quick 3. What that does is it opens the court wide open for the big man to run down and score an easy basket.

I want to show you how you can run your big men directly down the court and get an easy basket and probably score 8-10 points a game just by doing this.

We set up the drill to have four passers on the wings. Two big men are going to play 1-on-1 full court, and we start by throwing the ball off the board. It’s very important to get the first rebound because then you become the offensive player. Once you get the rebound, they will turn and they will outlet it to the first passer. That passer will out let it back to the second passer.

If I receive the basketball off the board, I am the offensive player and my goal is to beat the defensive player straight down the court to get a lay-up. And if I am in better shape than him, all the passer has to do is give me a good pass and I’m going to lay it up.

As you see, this is a very demanding drill. And if your big man is in better shape than the opposing big man, he’s going to score a lot of points.


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