Players learn to shoot a layup after receiving a pass.

Drill Setup

  • Players form two lines, one on each wing.
  • Two coaches stand near the top of the key – one facing the right side line and one facing the left side line.

How it Works

  1. First player in line passes the ball to the coach facing that line.
  2. Player cuts hard to the basket
  3. Coach passes back to the player, who catches it, chins it and shoots a proper layup.
  4. First player in opposite line goes and the drill continues with the action alternating from side to side.
  5. Once a player shoots, he gets his rebound and goes to the opposite line.

Coaching Tips

  • No dribbling in this drill, players should catch and shoot.
  • Make a quick misdirection step before cutting to the basket – this will take the defender off balance and give you a cleaner lane to the hoop