Going over the roles and responsibilities of each player is a great idea for any coach at any level at the beginning of every season. It helps players set goals, and figure out exactly what it is you need them to do to be effective out on the floor. Making sure they understand what is expected from their position, and what is expected from them as an individual is one of the most important things you can do as a coach.

Coaching Basketball

Small Forward

The small forward position might be the best it’s ever been in the NBA, with the two premier players in the world, Kevin Durant and LeBron James both playing it. The small forward is a jack of all trades, a versatile and athletic, utility player, who can ideally play both in the post and on the perimeter, scoring in a variety of ways.

They can run the break off of a rebound, which they should be getting quite a few of.  And lastly, they don’t need to be as great a playmaker as LeBron, but they do need to be a sound passer.

Defensive Responsibilities

Much like on offense, on defense, the small forward needs to be able to do everything – whether that’s lock down on the perimeter, or shut it down in the paint. Ideally your small forward can learn to be an attacking defender, forcing steals and generally wreaking havoc on the offense.

Offensive Responsiblities

On offense, they need to be a good scorer, at the very least able to play off the ball and hit open jumpers. An ability to score out of the post, using their size and strength to get an easy basket here and there is a great asset as well.

They don’t need to be an offensive initiator, but if the backcourt is dealing with a press, they need to be able to help, and bring the ball up the floor, and have the decision making and passing abilities that come with that territory.

Rebounding Responsibities

Your small forward should also be a good a rebounder, averaging somewhere around 6-7 rebounds a game. They should be able to get an offensive rebound here and there, but they absolutely cannot allow their man to get any offensive rebounds off of them.

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