Earlier I wrote about how to get the triangle offense setup, and today, I will be exploring the various options available to you after that first entry pass.

There are a number of things you can do, and you should adjust accordingly depending on your team’s strengths and weaknesses. These vary from a corner pick and roll, a two man isolation, and also working

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Corner Pass

off the post feed.

Corner Pass

If the first pass made from the wing is to the corner, the wing who just made the pass will immediately cut through, filling into the weak side corner.

The guard at the top will slide over to the weak side as well, and the power forward will move down to the block – forming the same triangle you had just setup on the strong side.

This is all to create spacing for the 5 man to set a ballscreen for the man in the corner, so that they can work the pick and roll as they see fit.

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Two Man Game

If the ballhandler is unable to find a shot for himself or hit the center on the roll to the basket, he can pass the ball to the other guard, and we are right back into the triangle.

Two Man Game

Another very effective option is swinging the ball back up to the top for the first pass. When the power forward see this pass being made, he will immediately make a cut to the elbow closest to him.

From here there are a couple of options. The guard can pass the ball to the power forward and cut off of him, using him to either make a basket cut, or faking the basket cut and curling back around for a 3 pointer. If neither of these are available, the 4 man also has the option of hitting the elbow jumper.

The final option available in this two man isolation, is another pick and roll. Generally if the guard takes a dribble on receiving the pass, the power forward knows he wants to run the pick and roll. If he holds the

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ball, he knows they’ll be running the handoffs as discussed above.


If his man is sleeping, or both the guard up top and the player in the corner are being denied, the power forward can flash up through the middle of the key to the free throw line.

As the 4 man catches the ball, the guard up top will make a strong cut behind him to the basket, running his man off his teammate, and ideally leaving him available for an easy pass and an even easier lay-up.

Post Feed

When the first pass from the wing is into the post, the passer will head up top to set a screen for the other guard, and then cut through the key and out to the far corner. The guard up top will use

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Post Feed

this“ screen, and replace in the same spot the man who screened for him was just occupying.

The man in the corner will also make a cut past the post, circling around the 5 man, the 4 man, and taking the spot at the top of the weak side triangle that has now been formed.

It is also an option to have the screen set by the ballhandler for the corner man, with the man up top just sliding over to the wing.

Coaching Tips

Learning to execute the handoff properly is vital to this offenses’ success – there is no one who did a better job of this than Jordan

Do not just run through the motions! Every cut is an opportunity to score, and if you don’t treat them like so, the defense will recognize that and adjust – rendering this offense half as potent as it could be

I hope you enjoyed these articles on the Triangle offense, and good luck to you in all your future endeavours with it. If you’re having any doubts about giving it a shot, check out this video showing off the triangles’ full potential!

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