Today’s video blog post is just what you need if you want to improve your long range shooting ability. By incorporating the shooting drills and information in this video, you could increase the 3-point percentages for your entire team.

Baseline Three Point Shot

  • The corner is the spot on the floor that is often neglected by players in their practice routine. You can practice baseline shots by using any of the shooting techniques – from the catch and shoot to the shot out of triple threat to the jab, step back and shoot.
  • The player always has their hands up and ready, near her shoulders or chest area, not only to shoot the ball quicker, but also to give her teammates a target to pass to. This is a great fundamental for shooting.

Tips for Shorter Players

  1. It’s important for shorter players to master the Catch and Shoot. Shorter players can make themselves one second quicker and get their shot off much faster if they learn the Catch and Shoot technique. This can be an invaluable weapon in your quest to become a great basketball player.
  2. For shorter players, especially guards, another invaluable shot for three point shooting is the shot off the fast break. The shot off the fast break is a really great shot to practice because it is a rhythm shot. It’s easy to master and simple to take. The reality is, if you can shoot 80% in practice from the floor on this shot off the fast break, the chances of your coach giving you a green light are very high.

Incorporate these shooting drills and techniques into your practice plan regularly, and see an increase in the 3-point percentages for your entire team!

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