To work on passing, catching and communication

Drill Setup

  • 3 Players grab a ball and form a triangle

How it Works

  1. One player counts out “1, 2, Pass!” and simultaneously all 3 players will make a bounce pass to the player to their left
  2. Players repeat, continuing to pass to their left
  3. After a couple of minutes, have players switch directions, and pass to their right
  4. Make to mix in some variety and have players work on chest passes, flick passes and overhead passes as well

Coaching Tips

  • Players should be catching the ball in triple threat position.
  • To begin, you may need to slow the drill down and ensure players are using the correct fundamentals before doing the drill at full speed.
  • Remember, “ball in the air, feet in the air”. This means that players should be catching on a jump stop, or by stepping into the catch – watch out for travels!