“Utah” is a play that will create several different looks, options and mismatches. It will allow you to take advantage of size by posting up a dominant post player and If that is taken away your“  spacing will provide, open high percentage perimeter shots.

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Diagram 1. Start in a 1-4 set. 1 passes to 3 and rubs off 5 to the ball side block.


Diagram 2. 1 sets a back screen for 4 who cuts to the ball side block and posts up. 5 screens for 1. 1 cuts off the screen by 5 to the top of the key for a three-point shot


Diagram 3 . If 1 does not take the three-point shot, 1 looks to pass to 5 ducking in or 1 looks to pass to 2 spotting up in the corner for the shot. If no shot is available go into your offensive set.

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