During the above video, you’ll get the opportunity to learn some great basketball practice tips from Bob Hurley, Sr.

Before we delve into the video, here’s a nugget of wisdom from the coach: “The first step to being successful is conversation, and the second step is observation.”

Here are some of the basketball practice rules that Coach Hurley goes over during the video:

  • Be at basketball practice fifteen minutes early, jump rope in hand.
  • Stop what you’re doing when you hear the whistle or the coach talking.
  • The players are responsible for the practice mood.
  • Finish your plays at practice with a score or a blockout.
  • Know thyself; emphasize your weaknesses.
  • Playing time is won at practice.
  • If an individual lets the team down, the entire team runs.
  • Seniors are responsible for the team attitude.
  • Partners must push each other.
  • Drill rotation: offense to defense to end of the line.

Do you lay out some of these same basketball practice rules? What rules would you add to the list?

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