During the above video, you’ll learn about two basketball dribbling drills that are fantastic for conditioning your players.

55 Second Garden Glove Drill

During this basketball dribbling drill, we’re going to do four things (while wearing gardening gloves):

1. Go down with the right hand, come back left.

2. Do two moves going down, and then come back doing two other moves.

3. Do the pretzel walk down, backwards back.

4. Grab another basketball and go down and back with both basketballs.

The goal is for the players to do all four things within fifty-five seconds.

Six Chair Dribble Drill

Again, the players will have gardening gloves on during this basketball dribbling drill.

The idea is to take two dribbles to go between each pair of chairs, using one hand when they go down and the other hand when they’re coming back. This is again a great conditioning drill.

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