You always want to end your practice with a cool down – something that is not too rigorous and ends the practice with a little bit of fun. Finish on a positive note! In today’s video blog post, I am sharing an awesome basketball shooting drill that your players are going to love!

It’s a “2 Line Shooting” Basketball Shooting drill & game that works on shooting from a pass. This easy and fun game emphasizes a full follow through on the shot. This is a great drill to finish with because the players are going to mimic the shot as they are waiting for the shot, which allows your athletes to get a lot of repetitions.

Breaking Down the “2 Line Shooting” Cool Down Basketball Shooting Drill:

– Start with 6 players at the basket
– There are 3 players on each side, with 1 ball per line
– Each line is a team that is competing against the other
– On the coaches “Go” command, the first player takes the shot and if he makes it, the team gets one point
– The player follows the ball and then passes to the next player.
– The second player takes the shot while the player behind him mimics or mirrors the shot.
– The first team to make 5 shots (or whatever goal you set) will then sit down on the floor. This allows your athletes to also work on their communication as a team.

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