Improving footwork and practicing shooting off the catch

Drill Setup

  • Have players grab a ball & split into 3 lines: one at the top of the arc, and one on each wing

How it Works

  1. Simultaneously, all 3 players at the front of the line will spin the ball out in front of them so it bounces right back
  2. Players then catch the ball, squaring up and stepping into the shot with a front pivot
  3. Player shoots on the catch and collects the rebound make or miss
  4. On the miss, players will put the ball in before heading to back of the line Next players in line step up, repeat, continuing the drill

Coaching Tips

  • The first step into the catch is ALWAYS the inside foot. Some players will shy away from using their weak foot to pivot – don’t let them! It’s absolutely vital that players get comfortable pivoting off either foot.
  • If players are having any trouble with the footwork, take the time to break it down step by step to make sure they get it right
  • Don’t let players drift back out of their range! This can shatter confidence as well as encouraging bad habits that can be hard to break
  • For young or inexperienced players start them at 15 feet and allow them to take a step back after they make 3 shots in a row at that distance, continuing to step back until they reach the 3 point line