In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an awesome team competitive drill called “4 UP”. This is an excellent shooting drill that your kids are going to love!“  Two teams compete to get “4 UP” on the other.  All of the players get an opportunity to become comfortable with the mechanics of taking the shot as they simulate the actions repeatedly throughout the entire drill period.

Breaking Down the “4-UP” Competitive Team Shooting Drill

  • The goal of this shooting drill is for one team to get 4 Up on the other team.
  • Split players into 2 teams and line them up side by side on the left and right side of the court.
  • The first player in each line has the ball, and shoots from the three point line.
  • Each player behind the shooter will simulate taking the shot
  • The first player to make a shot calls 1 UP. From this point, the score will either increase or decrease depending on shots made.
    • For example:
    • The first shot is made by a player on the right team, the score is 1 UP.
    • Shot by player on left team is missed, the score remains 1 UP.
    • A second shot is made by a player on the right team, the score is 2 UP.
    • A shot is made by a player on the left team, the score goes back to 1 UP.
    • The first team to reach 4 UP will then sit down on the court, and the other team has one last opportunity to make a shot and still win the game. This last piece creates a “pressure” situation.


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