To make the defense get two consecutive stops or a three-stop total before they rotate out.

Drill Setup

  • Five offensive players are across the baseline.
  • Five defensive players are across the free throw line extended.
Diagram 1: 5 on 3 + 2

How it Works

  1. Coach passes the ball to one of the offensive players and yells a defensive players name.
  2. The defensive player whose name was called and the defensive player whose man received the ball both have to touch the baseline and then chase.
  3. The other three defensive players immediately sprint back.
  4. One defender (first back) yells, “I got hole! (rim protector)”. The defender closest to ball yells, “I got ball! (stopper)”.
  5. The third defender will take the first pass.
  6. The three defenders must slow the offense in a 5-on-3 situation until the other two defenders can recover and we can match up 5 on 5.
  7. The offense pushes the ball and runs the floor looking to score quickly before the defense can recover.
Diagram 2: 5 on 3 + 2

Coaching Tips

  • If you have 15 players, rotate offense to defense and then defense rotates out. New five come in on offense.