Players learn to put defensive fundamentals into play in real game-like action.

Drill Setup

  • Set a line of offensive players at the wing.
  • The defender stands on the same side block

How it Works

1. The first offensive player starts at the block. The defender goes into three-quarter denial from the high side

Three-quarter denial in the post


2. The offensive player cuts hard to the three point line to receive the ball. The defender closes out on the catch

Closing out on the perimeter.


3. They play one on one until a score or defensive rebound. Offensive player is allowed a max of four dribbles

Playing one on one


4. Repeat, with the same defender guarding each offensive player once

5. Rotate a new defender in and repeat

Coaching Tips

  • On the post denial, the defender should keep his body on the basket side, and use one hand to obstruct the entry pass
  • You can also practice a baseline three-quarter denial and full front in the post
  • This is a chance to reinforce the proper fundamentals – don’t be afraid to stop the drill and point out specific corrections and pointers: defensive stance, closeouts, lead foot step and slide