Play Type:“ “  Defensive Drill


The offensive player’s goals here is to take the ball as hard as he can to the basket, while the defensive player’s try to defend the dribble for eight seconds.  You want to see a great battle of offensive talent and defensive talent.


  1. If the offensive player gets through, instead of shooting it, he takes it back out again.
  2. Continue to come back and attack him again for a period of eight seconds.
  3. The defensive player will attack tenaciously, focusing on staying between the man and the basket.

Coaching Tips:

  • With this drill and others like it, we put an emphasis on is defense. If we play defense, then we’re going to be in every game. But defense has to be played by all five that are on the court – five or six or eight more, depending on your team’s size – ready to come in and pick up the same effort.
  • We don’t give any fool’s gold. Fool’s gold means is if we’re working at the defensive end and the offense just goes half-speed making the defense look good, that’s fool’s gold. We don’t want to get a false sense of security of doing something right if our teammates aren’t pushing as hard.
  • Stop penetration, challenge the shot, and screen out so that we give up no second shots – Those are our three components at the defensive end.

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