Here are two basketball conditioning drills that we like to use frequently. The players like the competitiveness of these and they definitely keep practice at a fast pace.

Duck In The Blind

The first one I like to run is called–duck in the blind. Place the players in a circle facing out about 20 feet from a ball. Have the players separated into two teams each with a number. So there are two 1’s,two 2’s, etc.

Then start the drill. Call a number such as 1. The 1’s go for the ball and the one who get it first dribbles and tries to not let the other player get the ball for 30 seconds. If he succeeds the that team gets a point; if not no point is obtained. Then start over with another number. I play to 5, this gets all involved and moves pretty quick.

Conditioning Drill #2

The other conditioning drill goes like this: Place six basketballs (or cones) around the three point line and one basketball underneath the basket. Player starts under the basket.

Player must touch the ball under the basket and sprint to corner to touch the first basketball and then defensive slide back to the start position. Do this to all six spots and return. On final (12th) return, player must do a reverse layup. After three times, players get the idea of how in shape they are!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below! And please check out this free basketball drills article for more ideas you can use in practice.