Slams and Figure 8s


This is a great drill that focuses on form shooting.

Shot Builder Basketball Shooting Drill

How It Works

Have players break off into groups of 3-4, and go stand directly in front of a hoop.

With just the shooting hand, the player will raise the ball up and shoot, without leaving his feet.

The player will focus on form, getting a 90 degree angle on the elbow, and following through.

After 3 makes, the player can take a step back.

Players will continue stepping back, stopping just before the free throw line.

If hoops are limited, have players swap out once they hit the free throw line.

Coaching Tips

Make it harder: Only count swishes as makes/If you miss two in a row, you have to take a step forward.
Make it easier:  Allow players to bring the ball up with 2 hands, before taking the guide hand off to shoot.