In today’s video blog post, you’ll discover the simple secrets to using screens and reading the defense. Hubie Brown reveals the specific footwork and timing to execute the bump, curl cut, and fade.

Key Coaching Pointers

  • When you set a screen, you have got to have a philosophy. Do you screen an area or do you headhunt the man? It’s a decision you have to make.
  • We screen an area so that the screen is always in the same place every time. We don’t want an offensive foul an a headhunt. You don’t want to give any referee a chance to make a big decision.
  • If we set a screen, there are only do 3 things that the player can do:
  1. Cheat – The defender cheats and he changes directions to lay it up on the other side
  2. Curl Cut – The defender runs a curl and comes up into the shooting spot, looking for the jumper. Then we run a hard curl right up into the shooting spot for a layup. He is going to curl because the defender followed him.
  3. Bump – The big challenge on screens is that if your player can only run backdoor and curl, you’re easy to defend. In this case, the defender is not going to follow. It’s not how fast you come off the screen, it’s how you read the defense.

Watch the video above for a detailed breakdown on how to set these specific screens and read the defense. Incorporate these techniques into your practice plan, and ultimately your game, and you will see results! Better screens and defensive reads will lead to scoring and wins!

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