This drill emphasizes finishing in traffic.

Power Layups Basketball Finishing Drill

How it Works

  1. Place a cone on the right lane line, and have the players form a line, with the first two players holding a basketball.
  2. 1st player will sweep, take a hard dribble, come to a jump stop, and go up strong to finish the layup.
  3. He will then collect his rebound, and pass the ball to the next player in line without a ball.
  4. The 2nd player has the green light to go once the player in front of him has rebounded.
  5. Continue for 2 and a half minutes, then switch to the left side.

Power Layups Basketball Finishing Drill

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Have players execute a jump stop over to the other side of the hoop, finishing with the left hand.
  • Make it easier: Give players time to practice the footwork on it’s own – without the pressure of making the layup it may be easier.