This is a great drill that kids love since it’s a game situation. Defense must box out, max of 3 passes before shot. Drill focus is to simulate scoring on a fast break and how to defend when your a man down.  It is our Team Favorite for sure!

3 on 2“  2 on 1 Drill
Start at 1/2 court; 3 on 2
Offense- Point with wing on each side- start wide.
Defense 1 1 set.
Top D just above foul line other defender middle of key.

Point guard drives down the middle. Top D’s job is to stop ball. Pass is made to wing low D steps out to ice. Top D then slides down to protect middle.

When defense rebounds or shot is made D is now on offense full court against point man. If point cuts through during offensive set a wing man must replace top position. Otherwise fast break is often uncontested and everyone runs!

Single defenders primary job is to get back and stop ball around the foul line.

2 previous offensive wing players are now on D under basket they scored at. Once D transitions to offensive and crosses 1/2 court players on sideline feed 3 offensive
positions going the other way. Sideline player is “outlet” Point is at 1/2 court to receive pass from wing. Weak side wing starts wide and cuts in as point takes ball to top of key.

Typically I’ll let kids run for 5 minutes then stop to highlight areas individuals/ team needs to work on. Let them go again and be positive. Very easy to want to blow the whistle a lot– BUT DON’T.

Run it every practice and you’ll be amazed mid season how far they’ve come.