Motion Offense and Reacting To The Defense

A Motion Offense is a flexible system where you read the defense and read your teammates, and then play off of what you see happening around you.  Motion Offense is supposed to consist of no per-determined movement, with all decision making happening on the fly, as a result of what your athletes mentally and visually determine during game play.

The Benefits of a Motion Offense are:

  • Fit Offense to Players
  • Variable Sets
  • Difficult to Scout because there are no predetermined moves
  • Equal Opportunity Offense, so you can have a balance in shot distribution
  • Teaches Kids How to Play
  • Flexibility


But what exactly is Motion Offense?

The motion offense is a generic term for any offense that uses court movement, cuts to the ball or the basket, and good screen setting.  The one thing that separates it from other types of offense is that it is quite flexible – you don’t have to have set plays every time you bring the ball down the court.

Instead, the Motion Offense is focused on teaching players to use a basic set of rules for their movements, and then to react to what is being done defensively on the court.  With the variation in defense, the motion offense has a variety of looks and several different options available.


Secrets to a Killer Motion Offense Game

Every coach wants a “killer” motion offense game, right? Check out Secrets to a Killer Motion Offense Game, where we break down:

  • Dribbling
  • Screen Roll
  • Screen & Pop
  • The Backdoor Cut
  • Screen The Passer
  • The Dribble Hands-Off
  • and more!

And then be sure to check out this awesome shooting drill for motion offense!

Two-Ball Shooting Drill for Motion Offense

What do you think?“  Are you ready for a killer motion offense game?“  Then you’ve got to try these techniques!“  After you do, be sure to come back and let us know the results!


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