Play Type:“ “  Defense Drill


This defense drill works not only on your defenders ability, but also the offensive side as it gives players a chance to hone they’re ballhandling abilities and practice attempting to shake a defender.  This is a full court one on one drill.


  1. Have your whole team lineup on one side of the court, matched up in pairs – make sure guys are in fair matchups, i.e. you don’t want your center guarding your quick point guard in this drill.
  2. Using the lane lines as boundaries, one player will do his best to get past his defender and finish at the rim.
  3. After everyone has had a turn going down to one end of the floor, switch offense to defense, and head down the other way.
  4. The first player to score twice wins, and then we move over to the sideline.
  5. The offensive player has the entire court at their disposal, and it is the defender’s job to contain and make sure to keep the offensive player on one side of the court.

Coaching Tips

Gapping is not allowed – the defender should always be within about arms length of the offensive player, applying pressure and trying to get a steal if the opportunity presents itself.

If you’re having trouble with over aggressive defenders, let the players know that every foul they commit will be a point subtracted from their score.

Condition players to think that they should be making one – max two – moves and then pushing the ball out ahead and trying to get to the rim.

You also want to make sure players aren’t just settling for jumpers, if they can’t get to the rim one on one full court, then they’re going to have no chance five on five in the halfcourt.


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