Here are a couple of drills I use often in my practices.  The first one is a good drill to get in shape early in the season. The Illini drill allows each player the opportunity to be a sprinter and a shooter.

Preseason Conditioning Drill
Form 6 lines at one end of the court – 3 line of one color and 3 line of a different color.
Go down the court in a 6 man weave Just like a 5 man weave but with the sixth person.

The color that shoots the lay-up rebounds if they put it back up if the lay-up is missed.
After the basket is made the other color takes the ball out and returns on a three on three fast break.

Illini Drill
I got this drill from the U of I head women’s coach- we call it Illini.

It’s a full court weave drill.  You start with 4 lines along the baseline. Ball is at the lane line (where it meets ob) and other 1 player is located at the other lane line, 1 at the short corner and 1 at the opposite corner.

First pass is made to short corner who passes to other player on the lane. Far corner player sprints down court and cuts at free throw line extended and gets pass from player who started with ball.  So basically it’s a 3 man weave with and outside sprinter who cuts and finishes with a layup.

Shooter continues to opposite corner and drill is run back the other end.

I like it because it flows from end to end and everyone rotates so they get opportunity to be the sprinter and shooter.