Here is something we do at or near the end of practices.  The kids are crazy about the drill.  We do it as a competition and call it the Gettin Down and Dirty Drill.  This drill is physical, creates great conditioning, and teaches players to get ahead of the dribbler.

“Gettin Down and Dirty” Drill
First we line every player at the baseline and regardless of the amount of players we only have enough basketballs for half of the players.
Coaches spread out along the base line.
Each coach has two basketballs or more.
At a signal all balls are rolled toward the opposite end of the gym.

Everybody goes after the basketballs.  Any player who gets a ball goes to the other end and makes a layup. “  All those who do not get a ball have to play defense.

As soon as each player has scored, lost the ball, or does not get his/her own rebound we repeat the drill all over again from the opposite end we started on.

Coaches are encouraging defense at all times. Coaches move along the side lines watching and encouraging.

The first player to score 3 points is the winner.  We count by ones.

Players learn very quickly how to avoid other players and maintain a direct path to the baskset.  We have a manager running the clock at the drill starts he/she starts the clock. “  Players have 20 seconds to score.  Our kids never want to quit.