The Pop Out Drill for Simplified Basketball Team Defense

This is a great drill to work on basketball team defense and defending the basic cuts. There are going to be a lot of different types of cuts in a game, and if your players can identify those cuts as they happen, and then have been taught to defend it correctly, they are going to be able to make quick changes to what they can do offensively.

In this situation, the Offensive player is trying to get himself open on the perimeter without the benefit of a screen – he is just trying to “Pop Out” to the perimeter.

The defenders goal is to deny the offensive player the ball in a position where he can score with it. So, If the offensive players shooting range is, for example the 3 point line, the defender will have to deny him and make him catch the ball one step further out. This takes the pressure off the situation because now you know the shooter is out of his shooting range.

If you want to deny the player from getting the ball at all, this particular skill is going to be critical for you in all cases of denying a pop out.


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