Teaching players how to fight over and properly defend the ball screen

Drill Setup

  • Split team into groups of four, two on offense, two on defense, with each group at their own basket
  • Ball handler starts out on the wing, screener on opposite block with defense matching up

How it Works

  1. Screener comes up to set pick for ball handler
  2. Screener’s defender calls out screen location to teammate
  3. Ball handler uses screen, forcing on ball defender to fight over the screen
  4. Screener’s defender in drop coverage, staying a couple feet below the free throw line, protecting the hoop but also far enough out to contest a mid range pull up if the on ball defender has trouble with the screen

Coaching Tips

  • The Screener’s defender must call out which direction the screen is coming from, alerting the on ball defender to the action and allowing them to get into position
  • Before starting the drill, walk players through the whole action step by step so that they understand where to be and what is expected of them When the on ball defender knows the screen location, they should begin to slide in that direction, preparing to fight and get their lead leg above the screener, allowing them to shuffle around them while staying with the ball
  • Explain that this coverage is designed to prevent shooters from getting an open look behind the screen, for non-shooters, simply have the on ball defender go under the screen