Players learn how to get into position to take the charge.

Drill Setup

  • Player 1 has the ball at the top of the key.
  • Player 2 stands in the foul line extended area.
  • Player 3 is a defensive player guarding an imaginary player on the block.

How it Works

  1. Player 1 passes to Player 2 and makes a give-and-go cut directly into the lane.
  2. Player 3 leaves his imaginary defender and steps up to cut off Player 1 and take the charge.
  3. Rotate positions
Absorb the contact and safely fall backwards

Coaching Tips

  • The offensive player should make contact with the defender at medium speed. Use common sense to make sure players are not injured
  • To take the charge, players should get low to the ground and protect their groin area.
  • Players should absorb the contact into their chest and torso, falling back slightly as they are hit. Players should fall with their hands pointing forward. They should avoid bracing their fall with their hands backward, as this can lead to wrist injury.
  • Players should let the official know the extent of the contact by making a loud yell or grunt.