Players learn the proper fundamentals of a defensive stance

Drill Setup

  • Have your entire team stand with their backs to a bench, bleachers, or a row of chairs.
  • If there’s not enough space for the entire team, split the team in half and take turns.

How it Works

1. On the coach’s signal, all the players will sit back slowly into the chair.

2. Assume the defensive stance position while sitting – feet shoulder width apart, back straight, head up, hands in front, palms up.

Sit in chair.


3. On the coach’s signal, rise out of the chair while staying in the defensive stance.

Rise up into regular defensive stance.


4. Hold that position for 10-15 seconds.

5. On the coach’s signal, take one step and slide to the right. Then one step and slide to the left.

Step and slide.


6. Sit back down and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a great chance to walk through the ranks and review individual defensive stances. Make corrections, point out the best stances.
  • Keep the head level and torso centered on the step and slide. Maintain the space between your feet – never cross the feet over.
  • This can also work as a conditioning drill if you have players hold the defensive stance for an extended period.