This is a great drill that focuses on boxing out and hustling.

Box Out Basketball Drill

How it Works

  1. Players will spread out, and partner up along the arc – 1 player on offense, 1 on defense.
  2. On the coach’s command, all the defensive players will step up, get low, initiate contact, and box the offensive player out.
  3. The offensive player should give the defender some resistance, try to get around them.
  4. Switch offense to defense and go again.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder:  Place a ball on the ground in the middle of the FT Line. Have 1 pair start at top of circle – offense is trying to touch the ball, defense trying to hold him out for as long as possible.
  • Make it easier:  Have the offensive players stay still, so the defense doesn’t have to worry about boxing out a moving target.