Players practice close out fundamentals.

Drill Setup

  • Players pair off and stand 15 feet apart.
  • One player has a ball.

How it Works

1. Both players stand in triple threat position

2. On the coaches signal, the player with the ball rolls it out to his partner

3. He sprints out and closes out on his partner

4. Ballhandler makes jab steps, fakes, holds the ball high, low, and side to side. Defender mirrors the ball while staying in his defensive stance

5. Defender returns back to his original position

6. Repeat, rolling the ball back and forth and taking turns closing out


  • Ballhandler takes two dribbles while defender takes a lead step, then slides to stay in front
  • Ballhandler mimics a shot attempt while defender challenges the shot
  • Coach instructs defender to close out right or close out left – forcing the ballhandler to one side or the other

Coaching Tips

  • Defenders should go from a run into taking short, choppy steps as they approach the ballhandler
  • You should be able to hear the closeouts with lots of good squeaks from shoes on the court.
  • The lead step should be executed with the lead foot and should go in the direction the ball handler is going.
  • Yell out “Ball!” when closing out and “Shot!” for the shot attempt