Players learn the footwork for quickly transitioning from offense to defense

Drill Setup

  • Two players line up, one on each side of the lane facing the basket.
  • They stand at the hash mark above the block.

How it Works

1. Start facing the basket with no ball

Start in triple threat facing the basket with no ball.


2. Coach says, “Get back on defense.”

3. Turn and sprint to the hash mark (halfway between three point line and halfcourt)

Turn and sprint toward halfcourt.


4. Turn back and backpedal the rest of the way to halfcourt.

Turn back and backpedal to halfcourt.


5. Turn and sprint between halfcourt and top of the key.

6. Run around the sideline and re-join the line

Coaching Tips

  • When players are sprinting toward halfcourt they should be looking back over their inside shoulder at the basket in order to know where the ball is.
  • On the backpedal, keep your weight forward, bent at the hips with “nose over toes.” Pump your arms to maintain speed and balance.