“Circle Shots” Footwork Drill for Basketball Shooting

Today, we’ve got a great footwork drill to use when you want to work on strong footwork. It’s called Circle Shots, and in this drill, you’re going to work on hopping from your basket-side foot, as you take shots from 5 spots off of a pass.

You start underneath the basket, and you’re going to carry the ball in your shooting pocket.  But you aren’t going to dribble. This is the one time that we’re going to work specifically on our footwork, because the shot starts with balance from from the base.

Breaking Down The Footwork Drill

  • The focus in each of the 5 shot repetitions is the hop from the basket-side foot.
  • Step and hop on the basket-side foot, land and shoot the ball.
  • Follow-through and get the ball, then circle around under the basket to take a bank shot off the backboard.
  • Hop off the basket-side foot, land and shoot the ball.
  • Continue around the five shot points on the court (left rim, left bank, center, right bank, right rim)


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