This is a conditioning drill combined with team building, combined with dribbling skill. This drill is called “Fire and Desire”. It is nothing new, but it accomplishes a lot.

Fire and Desire

  • Players will pair up back to back, both players with a ball.
  • As players start dribbling, they lean on each other back to back in a seated position thighs parallel to the floor.
  • Players must concentrate on dribbling while leaning on each other.
  • On coaches call players will switch hands and dribble. The more experienced the players the more difficult and longer the drill becomes. For instance, junior and senior players can dribble underneath their butts instead of stationary dribbling.

I usually do this drill at the beginning of the year to build trust, and let players know who they play for (each other). And throughout the year when we need to tighten our team circle.