The standard conditioning drills of the 1 on 1 and the 3 man weave are excellent drills but can get boring for the players.  Try these variations to liven things up at practice.

Upgraded 1 on 1 Drill
A drill I love to run is this simple Ball Handling/Fitness exercise. Basically most coaches use the full court 1 on 1 drills where the offensive player is trying to burn the opponent, while the defenders tries to slide laterally to prevent this.

Once my players are more than capable of this, I like to throw a spanner into the works. I add a second defender.

Now the offensive player has to work twice as hard to get up the floor successfully. My idealogy behind this is that if your player can comfortable handle the ball against an aggressive full court trap, then 1 on 1 will not be an issue. On the other side of the ball, we have 2 defenders working together to try to perfect the trapping scenario I often use in games.

Variation on the 3 Man Weave
For this drill I have my players start the 3 man weave and at around half court I yell “turn”.  They must turn and return back to score.

This helps them when pressing when we get a steal. They know how to attack the basket and to look for teammates close to the hoop. I would add 2 defense players. 3 on 2.