During today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about a variety of basketball drills ideal for training and conditioning.

crossover basketball drill


With this drill, your players should start from a good athletic position and focus on exploding with the knee and hip. They should do a crossover and balance back up.

It’s important for them to get control of your body before they do the next crossover. We want to have an explosive hip and knee, and remember that the feet will always follow the hips.

Next, go cross to run. Have your players do a quick crossover, explode with the knee and hip, and then go right into an explosive acceleration run. They should focus on getting a good explosive crossover followed by great acceleration.

Crossover to Lateral Slide

Let’s get a real good crossover using the knee and hip, followed by a lateral slide. Use the distance of about the baseline to the free throw line, free throw line to mid court. Just a nice short distance so we can reinforce good explosiveness and quickness from our hips.

Jump Rope

Have your players start off with two foot jumps. They should simply pull the toes up, bouncing off the ground. They don’t want to stab with their toes down into the ground. They want to pull the toes up toward the shins. Get a good rhythm. Bounce off the front part of the foot.

Now have your players go to one foot hops. These are great for balance and agility. Your players will have to control themselves one leg at a time. Have them do an equal number of repetitions with each foot.

Now they should focus on running. Remind them to pull the toes up, bring the knee up a little. Simple running contacts while they jump rope. This is great for rhythm.

Next, they should focus on a simple skipping rhythm. The two-beat is great for increasing rhythm for quickness. Your players have to learn how to step down to the front of the foot.

Two foot jumps for speed are next. These really increase the quickness.

Next, have your players do fast one foot hops fast. You want to challenge your players’ systems to go as quick as possible. Make sure to balance by working each leg equally.

Next, do some skipping, but challenge the speed. Try and go a little bit quicker. Force the feet to move quicker. Get that neurological system from the brain to the muscles to react to the stimulus of that jump rope. That’s going to transfer to the court for greater quickness and speed.

Quick Skips

Start with linear skips just going straight ahead. Get a couple of skips in, then increase the speed. Challenge your players to go as quick as they can make the feet go. Have them challenge their speed by stepping down to the ground as quick as possible.

Step Down

During this basketball drill, remind your players to keep the toes pulled up toward the shin. Cock and load that ankle. They’ll have to have the toes pulled up toward the shin as they step down and push off.

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