In today’s video blog post, we are spotlighting a very aggressive rebounding drill that will tell coaches which players have the heart and desire to play. This rebounding drill teaches players aggressiveness and tough play, and helps them get over their fear of getting hurt while “Crashing The Board”. It teaches the importance of coming in from the outside, getting a loose ball and putting it back up.

Four Player Rebounding Drill – “Crashing the Board”

In this four player rebounding drill, we incorporate guards in order to emphasize how important it is for guards to be able to crash the board from the outside. You will use 2 guards at the high post and 2 guards at the low post.

  • Throw the ball at the board, and when it comes off the board, all four players are going to crash the board at the same time.
  • You want to emphasize that both hands are always kept over their head when going for the rebound. If you have four players, you should have 8 hands up on that ball when it comes off the board.
  • Whoever gets the rebound will play against the other 3 players until one player scores.
  • Even smaller players need to go strong to the basket.

This is the type of rebounding drill where there is no where to hide, no where to point your finger, and the best man is going to win this drill.


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