As you know free throw shooting plays a big part in most games. But also important is what your offensive players do during the free throw. In today’s video blog post, Hubie Brown breaks down one of his Free Throw Strategies, so you can incorporate it into your next practice/game!

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Hubie Brown’s Free Throw Strategy: Option 1

Put your guards up in front in the second closest position to the basket. You do this because you want to be a multiple defensive team. On foul shots, you want to be in a 2-2-1 Three Quarter Zone Press. The reason for this is this – if you make or miss the shot, you are still in the 2-2-1. It does not disrupt that fact that you can Zone Press your opponent at three-quarter court.

By using this formation, as the shot goes up, your 2 guard can step into the first marker right in front of the rim. If the shot was missed, he can recover the ball, and he is in a great position to put it right back in the basket. As the ball goes in, your other guard can cross to the inside to take the inside position in case the ball comes off the right side of the rim, he has a chance to lay the ball up and in.

Your back guards can then loop down inside to the open front and now, even if your front guards are covered, you still have a good chance of getting that rebound, because your opponent’s guards are going to step in to cover the middle of the lane.

If the shot is made, you can play your three quarter court trap.


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