Today, we’re going to talk about a couple of basketball drills that are ideal for getting your players ready pre-game.

3 pass 3 lay up basketball drill
3 Pass 3 Lay-Up

3 Pass Lay-Up

This is a variation of the 3-man weave basketball drill. It’s three passes, three lay-ups.

We’re going to get the 3-man weave rotations. Let’s walk through them here. Pass, go behind. Pass and go behind.

When the guy catches it going in for a lay-up, the other two players are going to pass and get as wide as they can.

The guy who shoots his lay-up is going to get his own rebound.

The first closest guy will be over to his left. He’s going to step and come in for the two-foot power lay-up.

The guy who passed it to him is now going to run out to the corner. He’s going to wait for an outlet pass a little later in this drill. He’s going to shoot his lay-up.

The third guy’s coming in and he’s going to shoot a lay-up and get his own rebound. And here’s where we make the outlet pass and we throw it to the next guy in line waiting. We already have a ball so the next group will start right away.

You want to start slow, then speed up later, after your players are getting the hang of it.

During this basketball drill, your players should be working on good passing, cutting, lay-ups, on the two-foot power lay-ups. This drill moves quickly. You get a lot of touches and a lot of shots. The drill looks sharp of it’s run right.

mascot basketball drill
Mascot Drill

Mascot Drill

This pregame basketball drill is called the mascot drill. Obviously, you can call it whatever you want. Whatever your mascot is, you just name it that.

This is a great drill for a couple of reasons.

One, you’re getting a lot of movement–good passing, some dribbling, jump stops, some lay-ups.

You’re also getting an opportunity to get a coach on the floor talking to your players as they’re shooting their lay-ups. Hopefully, you’re giving them positive feedback on the great things that they’re doing.

Set up three lines. The line in the corner’s going to have the basketballs.

First, we’re going to make a good outlet pass, a nice two-hand pass, and he’s going to run to the middle of the two lines. He’s going to receive the pass back and throw it to the top line. Once he catches it, the two guys are going to attack the basket. He’s going to drive it hard to the free throw line and stop right there. The man who passed it now is going to go to the end of the line, and he’s going to get off the floor.

Those two players are going to, again, attack the basket. He’s going to drive it hard to the free throw line, come to a two-foot jump stop. He’s going to be cutting to the basket for a lay-up.

When the shooter goes, you may want to come by, give your guy a little high-five, tell him, “Nice job” or whatever. Maybe he missed a lay-up. Tell him to keep working on concentrating or whatever it is. It’s a good opportunity to give some positive strokes to each player as they come by. Encourage them every chance you get. Let them know how important it is that they look sharp in pregame drills, getting ready for your big game.

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