Helps players perfect proper rebounding footwork.

Drill Setup

  • Players form two lines – one on each side of the lane.

How it Works

1. Coach says, “Ready.”

2. First player in each line gets into Triple Threat Position.

Start in Triple Threat with no ball


3. Coach says, “Go.”

4. Players take a quick first step with their right foot and then start jogging to half court.

Take a quick first step, jog to the free throw line, then make a Quick Stop


5. At free throw line extended, player executes a Quick Stop and then jumps up for an imaginary rebound. Player should go up with two hands and jump off two feet.

Jump for a rebound, then Quick Start to continue


6. Player lands, chins the imaginary ball (brings hands in tight against chin), then executes a Quick Start and jogs to halfcourt.

7. At halfcourt, player jumps for another rebound.

8. Run around the sideline and re-join the line

Coaching Tips

  • Players should go up “Tall and Skinny” and come down “Big and Wide.”
  • Load up for the jump by bending the knees, then swing your arms up and reach to the ceiling
  • Rebounds should be two-handed and two-footed – go up with two hands in the air and jump off both feet.