To work on first step explosion, footwork, and finishing

Drill Setup

  • Split players into 2 groups, one on each elbow, one with balls, and one without

How it Works

  1. First player in line starts in triple threat, then sweeps and takes a long, explosive first step, dribbles, takes two steps and finishes with a layup with their outside hand.
  2. Rebounder grabs ball and heads to back of layup line, while player who just took layup heads to back of rebounding line.

Coaching Tips

  • On the right side, players will sweep the ball off their right hip, taking a step forward with their right foot and pushing the ball out with their right hand.
  • On the left side, players will execute a crossover step, starting with the ball on their right hip before sweeping across to their left hip as they take a step forward with their right foot to the out side.
  • Left handed players will be using the opposite footwork.
  • Feel free to add variations, with jab steps, pull up jumpers, or double moves to keep the drill interesting and challenging for your players!